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    Your refreshing feminine mate Low acidic formula of pH4.5 Proper way to clean your private parts: with special formulated product 1. Natural plant blend specially formulated for cleanliness of private parts 2. Ingredients from U.S integrated with technology from taiwan 3. Manufactured and packed within a no-dust environment

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Taking care of your body is very important as without a healthy body, we would be severely limited. With body care products like feminine wash and intimate wash at Wedding.com.my, you can be sure that your body is well taken care of.


Anda perlu menjaga badan anda kerana jika badan anda tidak sihat, banyak masalah boleh muncul. Dengan produk penjagaan badan seperti pencucian wanita di Wedding.com.my, anda boleh menjamin kesihatan badan anda.