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Plan Your Wedding

Hui Wen is the founder of Azorias and a lifestyle blogger, clueless on who to trust in planning her wedding, she uses Malaysia to create wedding checklist, shop for best wedding package & deals. She also read wedding reviews to help shortlist and get quotation from favourite wedding vendors.

Organize Wedding Inspirations

Michelle is a wedding planner. To understand her bride's wedding theme & colour preference, she uses Malaysia to create inspiration boards on outdoor, beach and garden wedding decorations. Her picture gallery is now the ultimate online wedding guide to showcase her awesome work to new customers.

The Awesome Bridesmaid

Hui Ru is Maid of Honor (MOH) for her BFF. She uses Malaysia to search for ideas to plan the exciting hen's night party and destination wedding. She also helped the bride to find the perfect wedding shoes, wedding ring, wedding dress and wedding veil.

Perfect Engagement Party

Planning an event can be overwhelming, especially for wedding anniversary or engagement party. So Anya Malaysia as tool to plan the event and send wedding invitation card. She also bought the best deal on pre-wedding photo-shoot and wedding photography for her actual day.

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