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11 Feb 2016
Keep up the good work & services.

Everthing is good for me & my family. Breakfast at Verandah, the environment, room's arrangement & facilities. Just need to upgrade a bit of the room facilities, Gym & Jungle Jam Kids Camp. Every year we will visit this resort. Keep up the good work & services.

28 Jan 2016
The environment was nice and calm

We were here last weekend from Saturday to Monday. We stayed at the poolside chalet so the pools were right behind our room. When we arrived it was raining but as soon as the rain stopped, the kids jumped right into the pool! Breakfast at Verandah restaurant was great.The buffet was delicious with a wide variety of choices from local to western. We also went for a massage at Sembunyi Spa and it was really good. While we were at the spa, we left the kids at the kids' playroom (Jungle Jam Kids' Camp) right across the spa, which was quite convenient. The only downside was you have to have an adult looking after your kids in the playroom as there were no staff there with them. It's not the kind of playroom where you can sign-in your kids and leave them there with the staff. it would've been better if there were hotel staff there organising activities for the kids so they won't get bored after a while. Apart from that, we really had a fun and exciting weekend there. The environment was nice and calm with lots of trees, seats/sofa and hammocks for you to relax. You can also drive your car straight to your room instead of walking all the way with your luggage and everything else, especially if you're with children. There are also free wifi that you can use throughout the whole hotel area, including at your rooms/chalets. We took 2 chalets. A corner poolside room with a connecting door to the next room. The kids had a wonderful time and are already asking if we could come back. We will definitely be back!

13 Apr 2015
The venue is beautiful

The venue is beautiful. really enjoyed the ambiance and the garden is really well kept. But the food wasn't that great and the portions were really small. Service was not that great, had guests complain that the waiters did not keep refilling the empty glasses (had a lot of leftover wine bottles!). The coordination for the wedding by the hotel was not done very well eg during wedding rehearsal we had to wait for some time for the AV tech to come and switch on the sound etc for us.

01 Feb 2015
Nice place to relax, really enjoy the environment

Nice place to relax, really enjoy the environment. Loves the food. The kids enjoy the pool very much. Will be here again.

07 Dec 2012
Good food and the pillarless hall is a plus point.

Was at a wedding here recently. Good food and the pillarless hall is a plus point. The garden reception was lovely.

27 Nov 2012
Lost its glory days

place on the small pool right infront of the garden which is really romantic.

26 Aug 2012
Guna & Shaleena's Wedding at Cyberview Lodge Resort 

It was a Hindu-Muslim, inter-cultural wedding with the Indian wedding ceremony held at Cyberview Lodge. They had their akad-nikah sometime back. Then a western wedding reception at the magnificent ballroom

21 Jan 2012

Jasmine and Francis celebrated their wedding in style with an out-door ceremony at Cyberview Lodge. The wedding ceremony included the release of some fairly “reluctant-to-fly” doves, and, as Francis was formerly of the Alley Cats, the evening was filled with wine, women and songs from many of the guests.

01 Dec 2011
excellent space

Cyberview has excellent space and no issues with parking etc. The environment is much more relax. Furthermore there are hotels nearby so your guest have no problem finding a place to stay. The only thing is that it is far from KL. 

01 Apr 2011
very beautiful hall which makes the environment very cosy..

the decor of the garden ceremony asd well as the banquet was perfect.  Cyberview resort has a very beautiful hall which makes the environment very cosy.. AND romantic.  That nite, we had only praises on our wedding especially the garden ceremony by our guests... Thye are amazed on the setting and environment.  The bad thing i can say is the food.  But both of us don mind actually as all the credit goes to the environment.  If you want good food, you seldom get from hotels.. you may get good food at restaurant.. thats how ME AND my hubby thinks.

01 Mar 2011
nicest views of a lake in town

Cyberview Lodge Resort has one of the nicest views of a lake in town. And bout the negatives, there are many ways to combat this especially if you know your way in organising events. Mosquitos - Get plenty of natural mosquito repellent plants/'fragrant' lemongrass spray/tub. These are good for any outdoor events. Rain - fully covered tents with doors and wooden basses so no one will sink into the mud. Heat - same as above, they have the fully airconditioned ones. Or make sure that it is a windy day (Cyberview is good with this) or make sure you have those mist fans places stratigecly across your venue

01 Jan 2011
Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa

excellent space, no parking issues. Environment is more relax. Guests will not have problems finding place to stay. has one of the nicest views of a lake in town. good location to use mist fan because it's windy. The décor of garden ceremony and banquet was perfect. Beautiful, romantic and cosy hall. guests were amazed by the setting. credit goes to the environment.