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09 Apr 2015
All stars!!! Heart worthy!!!

All stars!!! Heart worthy!!! Look for them if you want lifetime treasures :) I've got mine!!

06 Apr 2015
nicely and amazing photographer

Excellent love it Dennis style, he is nicely and amazing photographer

01 Jan 2015

Dennis approaches each wedding and portraiture session with a fresh outlook, and treats each couple individually, always striving to photograph them in the most creative and exciting way. To him, “a photo really speaks a thousand words”. He believes that photography is an art form that captures an individual’s expressions, reactions and emotions, and describes his style of photography as a blend of fusion, spirituality and journalism.

01 Jan 2015
PG | Dennis Yap (Tsong Hsih)

Wedding photos in the older days were more often than not portraits that show the couple's face clearly. Dennis is open to unconventional techniques which our parents or grandparents may not fancy. Image of a pair of feet may seem pointless but to the lovers, there may be a tale which brought them together.

19 Nov 2014
Excellent is the right word to describe his work!

Excellent is the right word to describe his work! He knows how to capture 'the moment' without letting you know that he is shooting it, awesome natural shots. Each photo tells pieces of your story and he always complete it with the most loving couple shots :) Very friendly and approachable photog whom you can share your opinions and even life experience with him! He is really a philosopher, no kidding!