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NLW-03 - 20g MP Flat Rose Herbal Soap

NLW-03 - 20g MP Flat Rose Herbal Soap

1) Red : Red yeast color 红曲
Brown : Licorice powder added 甘草
Dark green : Amboinicus powder added 左手香
Light green: Pandan powded added 班兰叶
Blue : Butterfly pea color 娘惹蓝花
Yellow : Kunyit / Turmeric color 黄姜
Light brown : Ginger infuse Oil added 姜
2) Diameter: 4.5cm / Height: 1.8cm
3) Soap packaging transparent shrink plastic wrap
4) Rose / Lavender / Peppermint / Lemongrass Scent
5) Shell life of the soaps: 2 years
6) Order lead time: 2 weeks

Tags: Selangor, Gifts

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