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16 Apr 2015
Testimonial From Micheal & Melisa

Thank you for the effort / time.You guys has given us to prep our BIG DAY.Really appreciate your professionalism.Keep up the good work!!!

14 Apr 2015
Testimonial From Ley Tau & Shiau Jinn

谢谢大家一直以来的Take Care! 6月到今天的一切,感激不尽 ♥ Redbliss ♥ 永远记着你们 ♥ Special Thanks to,i) Christine & Ann帮我尽力做了一切,让一切更完美了。ii) Cat少不了你,13个造型!真不简单 ♥ 谢谢你,最“不爱”你了iii) 敏敏虽然认识你不深,但你的帮忙也不少哦... ♥你♥

28 Jun 2014
Testimonial From Allan & Vicky

Thank you Redbliss for providing great service for us.We enjoy the photo shooting process much.

25 Jun 2014
Testimonial From Gerald & Melissa

Great service! Staff are friendly, patient & accommodating.Most of our requests are met, where possible.Staff are responsive & will closely follow up on the whole process on a timely basic.A big THANK YOU to Kelly, Leon, Suzzanne, Cat & Alice for making the process an enjoyable one.

23 Jun 2014
Testimonial From CK & Rachel

谢谢你们给我们一个美好及开心的拍摄旅程,特别感谢Claire,Cat,Leon,Annie & Alice为我们准备妥当和你们的专业的指导和服务,让整个过程都充满欢乐!Thanks Leon,在我们不笑时竟然不拍!哈哈,可是效果真的很好 =P Thanks Again All!

20 Jun 2014
Testimonial From Gary & Mechelle

衷心感谢你们对我们婚礼给予专业的帮助和辛苦的付出,对于你们的细心我们感到非常的温暖!!!Thank You.

07 Jun 2012
Fantastic job

We took the package from RB. Was scouting around Mid Valley Weddingfair and found that RB provides video of behind the scene, I thought it was quite special and will be fun to watch back later. So just signed up with them. OUr PG was Wilson. He did a fantastic job. We liked the photos heaps.

23 Apr 2010
Nice & elegant photo shoot

My advice is to visit more, talk to them, find out more & don't commit immediatly.. research, research, research.. we end up sign up Redbliss at SS2.. the package meet our target, everything is in clear term (no cheating here & there) customer support are very profeesional.. and off course nice & elegant photo shoot.... the research paid off..

01 Jan 2010
Photoshoot was so much of fun!

Photoshoot was so much of fun! Given a choice, I don't mind doing it all over again.Just chose the pictures last Saturday and the pictures turned out great. I didn't have any issues with Jojo (SA) but I did encounter a few glitches with Alice. Yes, I agree with you Beeky is wonderful! She is a really genuine person. Thank God I didn't had any problems with my photographer.

05 Oct 2009
MUA: Beeky , Videographer (VG): KT

At first I thought the makeup was too thick and and it cracked over time. After the images were produced, I realized it did not show at all and the makeup looked good. She is very friendly, takes pride in her work and does it with commitment.He patiently recorded our photo-shoot process and compiled a wonderful video for us.