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19 Oct 2015
Very Friendly and Professional

Sharley a very friendly and professional. Like hers makeup and hairdo so much. Thanks sharley

30 Sep 2015
Dedicated and Professional

She is dedicated and professional very reliable and knows mix n match pretty well with good makeup skills.

04 Sep 2015
Awesome Touch

Superb!!! Awesome touch

04 Sep 2015

真的太美了~ 弄得现在我都想嫁人了. 加油~!!!

31 Jul 2015
She Provides Good Service

服务不错。收费也公道。对于想扮美美却有经济压力的准新娘们,我是极力推荐了。She provides good service. Everyone praised me during my ROM. A blissful day started with a pretty makeup and hairdo.

28 Jun 2015
Never Regret

Never regret to choose you ?