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27 Nov 2015
Thanks for the Sweet Memories

good customer service, natural makeup, elegant photo, friendly , helpful...but anyway thanks given us a sweet memories. (Penang & Prai)

01 Nov 2015

Stareast的服务真的非常的棒!! 谢谢Jessy的细心服务, 和尽量满足我的要求 ^^ 今天的拍摄非常愉快, 非常谢谢摄影师阿Keat(名字没写错吧?呵呵~)和阿伟陪我上山下水, 只为了拍好照片, 真的太谢谢你们了!! 最后,要谢谢我化妆师Yuki帮我打扮得漂漂亮亮的..谢谢你们~ 期待下次微电影的拍摄哦!!

03 Sep 2015
我非常满意Stareast Perai的婚照拍摄

我非常满意Stareast Perai的婚照拍摄,幸运地让我遇上100分的顾问Carmen,100分的专业摄影师小惠和100分的化妆师Iris,出来的婚照都难以取舍!太满意了!

28 Jun 2015
Extraordinary Service

Extraordinary service and I like their commitment and working attitude..

13 Feb 2015

服务很好,都很亲切对待顾客. 婚纱照拍出来也很美

26 Oct 2014
Very nice service


11 Oct 2014
I very like it.


22 Sep 2014
Great service.

Had a nice and wonderful moment...5 star..

07 Mar 2014
Makeup service very nice

I surprised at all your bad comments. My experience with Stareast was totally different. I found the gowns quite attractive and my makeup was very nice and natural. My album is very well done, too.

27 Feb 2014
Super great and highly recommend

Thank you ..stareast for this so romantic it very much.. The most important thing is the best of after sales service that serve for customer...Super great n highly recommend. ..thank you Ms Khoo (bayan leaps brand manager) are the best...

11 Feb 2014
Bad Quality

They took their sweet time to give me my photos for viewing. It actually took one month before I was able to choose my photos. What? worse, they did not have any quality control. All the photos were poorly done.

02 Jun 2013

For interested BTBs, I had Carven Ong designed the beautiful wedding gown i wore in my wedding last year July. My gown was made of duchess satin, tiny pleats and lots of laces. I did not expect it to turn out that classy but yeah, it did. He's just simply amazing!

25 Mar 2013
i'm so glad with the results. 

I am proud to say that i am one of the satisfied clients of White & Lacy BS. Got married 2 years ago and had my gown made by Paulynn. This woman is an incredible designer. Actually, i didn't know about White & Lacy but my friend recommended me to Paulynn because it was her that have her gown made. Since she was my bestfriend i trusted her taste and i'm so glad with the results. For my wedding gown, Paulynn made me a replica of pronovia gown as per my instructions because pronovia is my favorite since i was very young.

26 Sep 2012

We signed a package with Stareast in Sunway as it's actually quite near to my house and I thought the deal was quite good. The dresses are not exactly very nice, but what the heck the package is reasonable and I am in love with their photos. I had trouble finding the right gowns for my photoshoot but managed to pick a few after many tries!! The SA who explained the photoshoot day was not exactly straight to the point I must say. The schedule is not flexible as in if I were to change the date, they were quite reluctant. The lady told me she would call me to confirm again but did not, in the end I had to call to check. Despite all that, I am glad that it went well. The mua, I think her name was Jane did a great job because she made me pretty that day!! I should have done more research prior to choosing the bs. Thanks for your blog!! I am finding the information beneficial already for my wedding planning.

01 Nov 2011
Awesome experience at Wedding Couture

I just want to share this. I had the most awesome experience at Wedding Couture today. I had the photo session with them. It was great!