Looking for something unique and completely different to commemorate your wedding day? Well, look no farther than Artist Amro Ashry. With his hyper-realistic works of art, it will definitely be…

5 days ago


To all you lovebirds in Selangor who are going to tie the knot, don’t miss this chance to get your RM1000 wedding incentive! Weddings can be very costly because of the rising expenses these days. Instead of getting yourself into debts, take this opportunity to redeem your RM1000 wedding incentive to ease your financial burden. Here are the information you need to know before applying...

Decorated dinner tables with rose petals scattered on the top, check. Wedding favours for the guests in... The post The Versatile Live Band | Hikaru Entertainment appeared first on Our Wedding Journal.

We’ve seen those simply romantic beach weddings and long for ours to come to reality when it’s... The post Beach Wedding: 5 Things You Need To Consider appeared first on Our Wedding Journal.

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