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30 Sep 2015
Value for money

Interesting to see the tanks of exotic sea creatures...which ultimately ends up on our dinning table. Taste is really fresh and taste is good. I would class the price reasonable in view of the serving portion was sizeable. Good service but they could consider giving free dessert.

03 Aug 2015
the place is so famous for wedding venues as the food is too delicious

Now I know why this place is so famous for wedding venues as the food is too delicious. The best part is there is karaoke inside the private room and there are many choices of songs inside and not many restaurants have karaoke inside the private room and this only happens for normally karaoke places.

12 Jul 2015
an excellent value-for-money buffet considering its high quality fresh seafood

All in all, it is an excellent value-for-money buffet considering its high quality fresh seafood, generous portion and wide selection of food. If you are planning for large group dining at Unique Seafood, the beautifully decorated, posh banquet hall is ideal for this festive celebration.

21 Apr 2015
Unique dishes, slow service on a peak day

The dishes we ordered (claypot spinach, lobster kueh tiaw, salted egg prawns and boneless snapper) were all really good, everything was of high quality and the spinach and lobster dish in particular were quite unique! However we went there on a Saturday night, food service took a while and even getting the captain's attention was a little difficult just because there were so many tables! They also forgot one of the dishes we ordered which was the almond chicken. The order was there but the kitchen had overlooked it.It was a good food experience, just a little let down by the service. Would recommend for the special dishes but try going on a weekday night perhaps!

12 Apr 2015
Food was ok but costly

Seafood here wasn't really unique but it was quite fresh. Only downside is really costly! Please be prepared to have your wallet bleeding

05 Apr 2015
Largest selection of live seafood in tanks

You need to know that this restaurant along with its other braches elsewhere are commercialized and most definitely not classified as a quaint neighbourhood eatery. But commercialization does have its perks sometimes... like having the largest live seafood housed in aquariums ranging from snow crabs to live fishes or prawns.For weekend dining, it is highly recommended to book a table in advance since the restaurant will indefinitely run at full capacity. Basement parking is usually full as well while there is a jockey parking option right in front of the restaurant. Our favourite dishes here includes steamed tiger grouper, sashimi style french turbot fish accompanied with a boiling superior broth, 2 style kailan (fried kailan stalks & crispy deep fried kailan leaves), 2 style lobster (sashimi lobster meat & fried lobster head & tail with special starchy soup), kam heong japanese snails & steamboat style live prawns.

23 Mar 2015
Sooooooo much fish!

Friends from KL took us there for Sunday brunch. There were six of us and the food ordered could have fed another dozen guests. This is quite a large restaurant with an enormous selection of fish and seafood all staring at us from at least 60 tanks - all alive and very fresh. The menu dedicates each page to a species of fish with multiple preparations that are available. The large tables are outfitted with center lazy Susan's that hold a number of platters at once allowing each guest to serve themselves in order. We had so many choices. Our friends ordered much too much but it was all eaten in the hours that passed. A lovely afternoon, spent with good friends, good food and good wine.

24 Feb 2015
Unique Seafood @ Kota Damansara

I recently visited one of their newer outlets here in the Klang Valley – their Kota Damansara branch.  It’s a huge spacious venue, with the signature seafood tanks on one side and the dining hall across them.  This outlet also has a big banquet hall that can accommodate 50 tables – just perfect for weddings and special events. - See more at: http://pureglutton.com/unique-seafood-kota-damansara#sthash.IO1jgnAf.dpuf

08 Aug 2014
good fresh seafood...

This is a great place for seafood lovers. They have an extensive selection which you can see for yourselves in tanks as you walk in. All fresh. Sadly the prices isn't for everyone. Rather on the high side. You can find exotic seafood like geoduck, Alaskan spider crab, Australian snow crab, abalone & lobsters.Environment wise it is a huge place with tables all over. Gets crowded but turnover is pretty fast. Don't expect fine dining but it is clean & safe.What draws people back is the freshness, quality & consistency of food. You can have the seafood in various styles like salted egg, BBQ, steamed, baked, fried & even sashimi. All tasting great.Would definitely recommend this place to everyone. Either for a date, group outing or even business meal.

08 Aug 2014
freshness, quality & consistency of food.

Environment wise it is a huge place with tables all over. Gets crowded but turnover is pretty fast. Don't expect fine dining but it is clean & safe. What draws people back is the freshness, quality & consistency of food.

25 Apr 2014
can find more than a hundred fish tanks filled with fresh seafood

you can find more than a hundred fish tanks filled with fresh seafood imported from all over the world, including some rather unique specimens.

12 Dec 2013
Longan sea coconut

Like many other Chinese restaurants, desserts are served with sweet syrup fruits and ice. This one is longan and refreshing sea coconut with lots of ice. A little dulcified if you ask me, but if let it stayed a little longer in those ice, should be better. Otherwise, wine lovers would also be happy to know that there is quite an extensive of varieties here. Anyone interested to enjoy some fresh seafood with some wine, this is a good place to visit.

11 Apr 2013
Unique Seafood @ CITTA Mall, Ara Damamsara

Unique Seafood is a chain restaurant which serve fresh seafood and some of the seafood which hard to get somewhere else. Upon stepping into the restaurant, you will be amazed by the number of fish tank that they have. Its a great sign that they served fresh seafood. This restaurant is convenient for Citta mall shoppers.

15 Jul 2011
Fresh Unique Seafood 23 Restaurant @ PJ

The usual seafood restaurant set-up, a good display of their live seafood available for the day. It's just not decorative in my opinion as you can actually choose which one you fancy to eat that night. Similar arrangement in other seafood restaurant but variety is a little lacking comparing to the other newer opening.A snapshot of the dining area that's a little run down, been so many years anyhow, still comfortable though.

15 Jul 2011
it's a good seafood restaurant

Concluding the dining place, it's a good seafood restaurant and I'm sure it's marvellous ten years ago. It's a little run down now but no doubt it still serves very good seafood at a price though.