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01 Jan 2015
Food wise is so-so but prices are definitely worth it.

Ages since I was here. Upkeep of restaurant can be better in many respect. Food wise is so-so but prices are definitely worth it. Guess that's the sort of prices we pay in klang. Affordable for sure

13 Nov 2014
Dishes is pretty good and delicious

Hai Thiam Lo is quite famous and popular in Klang. If you want to book for wedding dinner, you should booked one year before your wedding, otherwise fully booked. Their dishes is pretty good and delicious, they also have company gathering dinner package.

21 Oct 2014
Great delicious dim sum, reasonable price

Today went to Klang with my family for some great delicious dim sum from Hai Thiam Lo Restoran, the price are resonable. 

17 Jun 2013
comfy environment.

Tasty food and comfy environment

19 Oct 2012
Overall the dim sums were great.

Hai Thiam Lo Restaurant offers patrons good variety of dim sum and service.Porridge consisted of century eggs, salted eggs and lean pork. The porridge was clear and smooth. It tasted very good.Char Siew Pau. The size of the pau was not big. The pau skin was soft. The char siew filling was good, the sauce was not too sweet but aromatic.Siew Mai. The size of the siew mai was quite big compare other places. The meat was fresh.Mini egg tarts. The egg tart was baked till golden brown. The layered crust was flaky and crispy. The egg custard was smooth and not too sweet.Overall the dim sums were great.

10 Mar 2012
Good sevices

Overall good. No tax

01 Mar 2010
That Chap Goh Meh wedding buffet at Hai Thiam Lo

The candy was pretty good