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Wedding Essentials – Registering a Marriage

How do I register for a marriage?

The official government department handling marriage registration is JPN, which stands for Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia. In English, it means it is the National Registration Department of Malaysia, someone called it NRD. The filing of solemnization should be done at the registry of marriages of your state. has compiled a list of all offices of JPN in different states of Malaysia. You could get their contact details here.

A. Non-Muslim Marriage

Where do I register for a non-Muslim marriage?

Applicants are required to be present at the NRD (full list here) to submit the application. The place of application is dependent on the address stated in MyKad. This condition does not apply to the application for solemnisation and registration of marriages in churches, temples and associations. For more info, please visit JPN site.


Picture from Thean Hou Gong

When do I register for a non-Muslim marriage?

Registration of marriage is COMPULSORY for non-muslim Malaysian.

The date of notice refers to the date that your application has been received. The notice has to be filed at least 21+1 days before the date of your solemnization. It is also important to know that you cannot do your solemnization after 6 months from the date of notice.

Another thing to also note is that the days for solemnization of the marriage are from Mondays to Fridays.


Can I have my solemnization outside the office of the Registrar of Marriages?

Yes, you may. However you would need to apply for license JPN.KC01E and RM500 fee is applicable if your application is approved.


Where can I get the checklist for Marriage Registration?

You may find the checklist from website. However, we have download the pdf file for you here.


What are the documents required to be submitted?

A summary of the documents required:

  • JPN.KC02 that is completed (the online form is for reference. Please use the original forms).

  • A valid MyKad

  • Original and photocopy of passport

  • One (1) colour passport-sized photograph


How much does it costs to register my marriage?

You will have to pay RM10.00 for certificate of marriage (JPN.KC03) and RM20.00 for Marriage Certificate (JPN.KC05).


What do I need on the day of Solemnisation of Marriage?

You will need to have 2 reliable witnesses aged 21 and above, and your witnesses need to bring along their original MyKad or Passport. You also have to be decently and neatly dressed (T-shirt/jeans/flip-flops/shorts are Not Allowed). You may also bring your wedding bands and hand bouquets.


What is the procedure during the solemnization?

1. The officer will first verify your identity.

2. Both bride and groom are then required to stand up. The officer will read out (and explain, if necessary) the oath, then ask if you understand it. That your marriage is voluntary, that you do not breach the law that prevents you from the intended marriage, etc.

3. The groom will be asked if he is willing to take the bride as his wife, and vice versa. Just need to say "saya sudi" if you are willing.

4. The officer will hand you 3 copies of documents (2 which are your certificates) for your signature and that of your 2 witnesses.

5. Upon signing all the copies, the officer will then pronounce that you and your spouse are now legally husband and wife. Both H+W will each be given a copy of the marriage certificate on the spot.

6. Thereafter, couples normally exchange rings, some give kisses to each other.


Can I register my marriage if I am female age 16 > 18 years?

Yes, but you would require to apply for license JPN.KC01D (RM10.00 fee if approved) and identification document of father/mother (original and photocopy)


Can I register my marriage if I am age 18 > 21 years?

Yes, but you would require to apply for license JPN.KC01B, applicant’s birth certificate (original and photocopy), ID of consent provider.


Can I cancel my solemnization?

It is not possible to cancel the notice of marriage. The notice and proceedings that have taken place are void automatically after 3 months. If you want to lawfully marry again, you will have to start afresh the process of registration of marriage.

B. Muslim Marriage

How do I register for Islamic Marriage? When do I file a notification?

You will start by filing a notification between 7 to 150 days before the date of solemnization.


Apa procedur Pohon Perkahwinan (lelaki)?

  1. Pemohon mengisi “boring permohonan lelaki (Borang 2A)

  2. Cetak boring permohonan

  3. Mendapatkan pengesahan dari Penolong Pendaftar Nikah (PPN) atau imam jurunikah

  4. Menghantar borang ke Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah yang telah anda berdaftar untuk mendapatkan Kebenaran Berkahwin

  5. Terima Borang 3A-Kebenaran Berkahwin Dalam Negeri Selangor (Lelaki) bagi pemohon yang berkahwin dalam negeri Selangor.


Terima Borang 3B-Kebenaran Berkahwin Luar Negeri Selangor (Lelaki) bagi pemohon yang berkahwin luar negeri Selangor

  1. Serah kebenaran perkahwinan kepada perempuan


Apa procedur Pohon Perkahwinan (Perempuan)?

  1. Pemohon mengisi “boring permohonan perempuan (Borang 2C)

  2. Seterusnya pemohon mengisi borang perwakilan dan wakalah wali (borang 2D) dengan menekan butang borang 2D setelah selesai mengisi borang 2C

  3. Cetak kedua-dua borang permohonan

  4. Menghantar borang ke Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah yang telah anda berdaftar untuk mendapatkan Kebenaran Berkahwin

  5. Terima Borang 3A-Kebenaran Berkahwin Dalam Negeri Selangor (perempuan) bagi pemohon yang berkahwin dalam negeri Selangor.


Terima Borang 3B-Kebenaran Berkahwin Luar Negeri Selangor (perempuan) bagi pemohon yang berkahwin luar negeri Selangor

  1. Ijab dan Kabul

  2. Mendapatkan surat perakuan nikah sementara selepas ijab dan Kabul dari imam jurunikah

  3. Mendapatkan surat perakuan nikah dari Pejabat Agama Islam Daerah


What are the requirements for Muslim Marriage

1. The man and woman must be at least 18 years old

2. There must be full consent and acceptance from both male and female to the marriage

3. Males and females who are above 18 but below 21 years of age must obtain consent from their parents

4. Females who are above 16 years but below 18 years must get special permission in writing from the Syariah judge

5. There must be 2 witnesses to the marriage

6. There must be a marriage gift given by the male to the female


What is the prohibited relationship for marriage?

Marriages between certain prohibited close family relationships, including grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and siblings, etc are prohibited.


How do I pick a solemnization date? When do I do my solemnization? Can I change the date?

You can choose the date as long as it falls between 7 to 150 days. You may change the date of the solemnization during this period.


Where to I file my solemnization?

The notification of marriage is usually filed at registry of Muslim marriages.


What is the procedure for polygamy marriage?

In the Muslim law, no man shall re-marry another woman while he is still married to his wife unless he obtains a written permission from the Syariah Judge and he will need to make an application to Court.

The Court will look into the following to grant the permission of the applicant:-

1. applicant’s earning capacity;

2. applicant’s commitment’s and responsibilities towards the new wife;

3. applicant’s financial commitment and dependent’s in the present family;

4. present wife’s permission or view of a second marriage.


Upon receiving the application, the applicant and his wife will need to be present in Court and the Court will allow the application on the following grounds:-

1. that the marriage is possible ;

2. that the applicant has the ability to maintain and finance his present and new family.

3. that the applicant will be able to treat his present and new family fairly and equally;

4. the proposed marriage must not cause harm (dasar syari) or be in any form of danger to his present wife.


How do I cancel the solemnisation?

In case you and your partner have decided to cancel your solemnization then both of you are required to go to registry of Muslim marriages and make that cancel when the Kadi is present.


More Infomasi on Kursus Pra-kahwinan

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan yang dilaksanakan bertujuan untuk memberikan maklumat dan pendedahan awal kepada bakal-bakal suami isteri yang akan mendirikan rumahtangga. Agar dapat mengurangkan permasalahan rumahtangga dan perceraian yang dihadapi oleh umat Islam di Selangor khususnya dan Malaysia amnya.

Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan adalah diwajibkan kepada setiap individu yang belum pernah berkahwin.

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan yang dilaksanakan di Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor adalah mengikut Modul Bersepadu Kursus Pra Perkahwinan Islam (MBKPPI).


Wedding Essentials – Do’s & Don’ts

What do I need to prepare before and during the wedding?


  1. Decide on the venue (hotel, restaurant or hall). See more ideas here.

  2. Open discussion with fiancé and family on the budget and financing of the wedding. See Wedding Budgeter.

  3. Start a wedding board and save inspirations here.

  4. Share your wedding board with your wedding planner so that they understand your requirements.

  5. Book all vendors at least 6 months before your weeding. Don’t know how to start? No worries. Submit a Quotation Request now.

  6. Get the best wedding deals in town here.

  7. Sit back and rest well to be the most beautiful bride on your big day.

  8. Don’t rely on friends and families to help photoshoot or videograph your wedding. Hire professionals. Your family deserves to enjoy your big day!

  9. Don’t overspend. Check out best wedding packages here.

  10. Don’t wait till last minute to hire and book your vendors.

  11. Be sensitive and discuss with family when planning guest and table seating.

  12. Don’t drink too much during the wedding.


  1. Don’t rely on friends and families to help photoshoot or videograph your wedding. Hire professionals. Your family deserves to enjoy your big day!

  2. Don’t overspend. Check out best wedding packages here.

  3. Don’t wait till last minute to hire and book your vendors.

  4. Be sensitive and discuss with family when planning guest and table seating.

  5. Don’t drink too much during the wedding.

Wedding Essentials – Traditions & Etiques

Malaysian Chinese Wedding

Malaysian Chinese weddings incorporate both modern and traditional Chinese customs, which makes it very unique. Some important things to take note:

  1. Setting Auspicious Date

  2. Guo Da Li (过大礼) - It is vital, according to Chinese custom, that betrothal gifts are presented a week or two prior to the wedding date. This practice is known as the wherein the groom’s family offers food items and gifts to the bride’s family. Common Gifts:

    1. Two pairs of candlesticks that come with a dragon motif for the groom and a phoenix motif for the bride.
    2. As to the dowry of the Jia Zhuang, the bride’s family is expected to bring these items to the groom’s home:
    3. Mirror
    4. Comb
    5. Ang Pows for any unmarried siblings and the groom’s parents
    6. Sweet foods such as dried longans or dates
    7. One set of bed sheet
    8. Groom’s pants
    9. Two lamps with Xi stickers
    10. Face basin
    11. Ruler
    12. Spittoon
    13. Baby bath pail
    14. And a sewing box with thread, needles and scissors


Malaysian Malay Wedding

What are the procedures of Merisik (the investigation)?

Read more here. More tips.


What are the procedures of Meminang (the engagement)?

Read more here.


What is the difference between Wang Belanja and Mas Kahwin?

Read more here.


What are the procedures of akad nikah (the actual marriage ceremony)?

Read more here.


Who to give me away?

Normally it’s the dad who give the bride away. However, why not both parents instead of just dad? Mum would be so pleased and proud to share in the special moment where your hand is given to your new husband’s.

Wedding Tools

Where can I view my saved inspirations? 
To visit your Saved album, click My Page. Next time, go to in the header, click on the Avatar and select My Page from the drop down list.

Why do I have to create an account to Save something? 
You need to create an account to Save an image or video or article so we can later retrieve it for you. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to tell who saved what.

How do I delete a Saved file? 
To delete a saved inspiration, you need to visit My Page, select the item and Remove the Saved inspiration when you hover over the file. The item will be removed from your Saved list. 

Can I create and add a Saved file to a different, custom board? 
You may create custom boards and manage your Saved inspirations within these boards.

Quotation Request

How do I request for a quotation? 
To help you research and get a quick response on quotation from wedding vendors, you may submit your request at Quotation. However, try to be as realistic as possible as you may not get good quotations for unrealistic budget.

Remember to also submit more details and description of the services that you require. This will help us find the suitable vendor that can meet your requirements.

Please leave your mobile number in order for us to contact you. Do not worry as your mobile number will not be disclosed to any other parties.

Why do I need to submit my Email and Mobile Number?

We will need your mobile number in order to call you to further understand your requirements. This will help us find the suitable vendor that can meet your requirements.

You email will be provided to the suitable vendors in order for them to email you their quotations.

Where and when do I expect to receive a Quotation?

You can find quotations from vendors here or your email.

When a vendor sends you’re a quotation, you will receive an email notification about it. Typically, it will take 3 to 5 days for vendors to reply with their quotations.

It will take us at least 24 hours to process a quotation request and we may call you for further information. Your quotation request will then be submitted to suitable vendors.

How do I choose which wedding packages or vendors to hire?

From the list of quotation request you received, you may compare the price, quality of the vendors by comparing the quotes and also viewing the vendors’ business page on You can search for the vendor by typing the vendors’ name on the search box here.

Contact Vendors

How do I send enquiries to vendors? 
You can search for the vendor by typing the vendors’ name on the search box here. Click into the vendors’ logo to see its business page. Here, you can see more inspirations from the vendors and read reviews. You can also send the vendor an enquiry.

Review Vendors

How do I review my vendors? 
You can search for the vendor by typing the vendors’ name on the search box here. Click into the vendors’ logo to see its business page. Here, you can submit reviews. You can also send the vendor an enquiry.

Wedding Checklist

How do I decide on my Wedding Venue?

First of all, decide on the type of venue you want, whether it’s in a hotel, restaurant or hall. Then decide on the themes you prefer, ballroom, beach, church, garden, hall or restaurant. Try to book the venue as soon as you have confirm your reception dates as popular spots are quickly take up on auspicious dates.

A complete checklist when choosing your venue:

  1. Ambiance of the hall/ ballroom: modern, western, traditional setting, lighting

  2. Decoration provided: colours and theme

  3. Privacy (sharing entrance with walk-in guests or more than one weddings in the same hall)

  4. Obstructive pillars

  5. Wedding package/ price

  6. Other charges

    1. corkage,
    2. PA system,
    3. projectors + screen/LCD,
    4. stage backdrop,
    5. waiting staff,
    6. Emcee,
    7. air cooler rental
  7. Freebies/ benefits

    1. dummy cake,
    2. champagne + glasses,
    3. invitation cards,
    4. door gifts,
    5. food testing
  8. Other facilities:Sound system quality

    1. changing room,
    2. room for tea ceremony,
    3. restroom,
    4. reception foyer
  9. Food quality, portions, buffet or course dinner, presentation (Most hotels serve halal food)

  10. Person-in-charge, wedding planner

  11. Parking options (free parking or discount parking)

  12. Location (Distance from KL, traffic condition, easy to locate)

Remember to also check on special room rates for your guests who are out of town.


What is the popular wedding menu? Do hotels and restaurants provide free food tasting?

Many venues offer set menus for wedding receptions but they can also offer alternatives. It depends on the number of tables reserved, some restaurants and hotels do offer free food tasting for 1 table prior to the wedding.

You may find more catering services here.


How do I arrange the seating arrangement? When do I finalise the guest list?

It is always best to seat guests who know each other at the same table, although it is not always possible to seat everyone together. To come up with a seating plan, you need to know the number of guests attending and table dimensions at your venue.


Should I engage a bridal house or photographer for my pre-wedding photo shoot?

How to choose a bridal house package?

Couples go to bridal shops for the convenience of an all-in package. A bridal house usually provides the following:

  • Gowns, suit and accessories for your pre-wedding shoot

  • Gowns, suit and accessories for your reception day

  • Makeup & hairdo for pre-wedding photoshoot

  • Photo albums

  • Photo canvas or frames

  • Car decoration on actual day

  • Flower bouquet

  • Albums: Big and small (Casing: briefcase usually leather)

  • Photos: Fixed number of poses (eg: 50 poses) are returned and edited. Extra charge for additional photos.

  • Photo Montage: 1 DVD slide show + background song of your choice

Take the time to research well on the available packages on and check out reviews and portfolios of bridal house here.

Pros: It is convenient and hassle free. You may go for packages within your budget.

Cons: Limited images and selective gowns. You can only select a small number of images for your album, depending on the package you signed, from 20 to 60 pcs. Some customers may encounter the problem that they have to pay more to take home more pictures or upgrade to a better wedding gown.


Checklist for Bridal House:

You will have to prepare your makeup essentials and under wears like fake eyelashes, ampoules, nubra etc. Buying at the bridal house will be costly, so always be prepared and take your own supplies. You will also have to bring heels and an extra shirt that is front button, so that it will not ruin your hairdo and makeup.

DIY Photographer

Although they may not provide gown rental and makeup services, you normally get to take home all edited images taken by the photographer. Most of the time, the photographer is also more flexible in terms of available time and style.


How do I choose my photographer?

Hire a professional wedding photographer instead of relying on family and friends. There are no second chances with weddings and quality images do not happen by chance. Your professional photographer, who would have photographed countless weddings, will be able to suggest settings and styles for unique and memorable shots.

Good photographers are often booked in advance. To avoid disappointment, start your research at least 12 months before your wedding. A great way to find a photographer that meets your style is through Discover page. Look through reviews and their work before you sign up with them. Check them up from You can also compare and shop for photography packages here.

You should also decide how many photographers you require, basic is one, or have two photographers so that you can have better photo coverage.

Photo Checklist:


  • Shortlist 6 different locations for photography. Discover more.

  • Have at least 20 different poses ready (if your photographer is experienced, you can normally rely on his guidance). Discover more.



  • Brides / Groom getting dressed

  • Details of the dress / suit

  • Attendants getting ready

  • Candid shots of bride / groom

  • Bride / groom, full-length

  • Bride’s bouquet, wedding ring

  • Groom putting on his boutonniere

  • Bride / groom with their family

  • Bride’s father and mother putting on her veil

  • Bride / groom with friends, maid-of-honor, bridesmaid, best man, groomsmen


During Ceremony & Reception

  • Decorations & ambience

  • Family members, friends and guests

  • Entrance of newlyweds

  • Cake-cutting ceremony

  • Toasts

  • Speeches

  • Groom kissing bride

  • Candid shot of bride, groom, family, guests expressions


Where do I find inspirations to design and print my wedding invitation cards?

You may find many wedding invitation card inspirations here.

Order your invitations at least 4 months before the wedding, allowing an additional month for custom-made or handmade invites.

Information required for Invitation Cards:

  • Names of bride and groom

  • Names of bride and grooms parents

  • The date of reception

  • Guests’ name

  • Time

  • Map (print a map of the ceremony location and reception location on the same invitation card)


Checklist for Stationery:

  • Invitation Cards

  • Envelopes

  • RSVP Cards

  • Place Cards

  • Maps

  • Ceremony Programs

  • Thank You Notes


What are the activities my guests can do before the ceremony?

  • Guest registration – Instead of a book, use a tree where guests may hang little cards that look like leaves filled with wishes

  • Picture messages – Place a polaroid camera and guest book at the reception table. Asks guest to take a picture of themselves and stick it onto the book with a written message

  • Flowers – Present each female guest with a mini bouquet or a stalk of flower – this is especially effective with sweet smelling flowers

  • For mum – Place 2 special posies in your bouquet. On your way down the aisle, present one to your mother, and on your way up present one to your mother-in-law.

  • Confetti – Prepare cones of dried rose petals for guests to shower on you after the ceremony. Children may use bubble blowers so they can join in the fun too.


What are the responsibilities of a maid of honor? What are the responsibilities of a bridesmaid?

The maid/matron of honor is part worker bee, part emotional lifeboat. Chosen for your energetic, get-the-ball-in-motion qualities, you should also remember that listening to the bride, making her laugh, and offering emotional and logistical support are also part of your honor attendant package. Here's what's expected:

  • Lead the bridesmaid troupe. Make sure everyone gets their bridesmaid dresses, go to dress fittings, and find the right jewelry.

  • Help shop for dresses (the bride's and the bridesmaids'). And the MOH pays for her own entire wedding outfit (including shoes).

  • Offer to help the bride with prewedding tasks, from addressing invites to choosing the wedding colors and nodding enthusiastically when she waxes poetic about wedding cake.

  • Host or cohost a bridal shower for the bride.

  • Keep a record of all the gifts received at various parties and showers (or delegate a bridesmaid to handle this).

  • Plan the bachelorette party with the bridesmaids.

  • See to it that all bridesmaids get to the rehearsal; coordinate transportation and lodging, if necessary.

  • Make sure that all bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, get to the ceremony on time, and have the correct bouquets.

  • Hold the groom's ring during the ceremony. Safest place to put it? On your thumb.

  • Collect any gift envelopes brought to the reception and keep them in a safe place.


What are the responsibilities of a best man?

Like the bridesmaids, you'll have to pay for your wedding gear. Luckily, you can usually rent a tux for quite a bit less than what the bridesmaid dresses will cost. Be sure to get fitted at the specified store with time to spare -- you don't want to walk down the aisle in floods!

  • Attending all prewedding festivities (engagement party, couple shower, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner). Perks: Free vittles and drinks.

  • Helping the best man plan the groom's bachelor party. Perks: Good food, drinks, and perhaps some insights into female anatomy.

  • You'll conspire with the best man to tackle the bridesmaids when the groom picks up his bride.

  • Before the ceremony, you may be asked to usher guests to their seats. You should arrive at the ceremony site at least 45 minutes early to review special seating requirements.

  • Be prepared to serve as information central and direct guests to restroom facilities and the reception site.


Do I need to prepare anything for wedding make up?

While every bride wants to look extraordinary, you should still look like yourself. Try not to overdo the makeup. Have a consultation with your hairstylist and go through her portfolios and reviews on You may find more inspirations here. Or better still, shop for your makeup service here.

You can also always try to request for a hair and make-up trial the get the best results you want.


What are the popular Musics for Weddings?

Can't decide who should play your wedding tunes? Here's everything you need to know to find the right music maker for your day.  

The type of music you choose can set the tone of your wedding and solidify a theme. And remember, it's the thing people most often remember. Think about what musical genre best reflects your personalities and inspires the ambience you want to create: Groovy funk or subdued string quartet? is delivered -- by live band or DJ -- also affects the ambience. The type of music you choose may dictate the choice too -- big band sounds are generally best live.

Are you a little bit country, while he's a little bit rock and roll? Regardless of whether you choose a band or DJ, be sure they play slow and fast songs, and old and new tunes to encourage different sets of guests to hit the dance floor.


How to choose my wedding entertainment? Should I go for live band or DJs?

In the price war, DJs generally cost less, and prices vary depending on equipment requests and whether it's a weekday or a weekend. A 12-piece band, for example, will generally be more expensive than a DJ, since there are more people to pay. (There are always exceptions; celebrity DJs can be just as expensive as live bands.) Band prices vary by the number of musicians, the amount of time you want them to play for, day of the week, and what time of year it is.


Don't get your heart set on an 8-piece salsa band before you check whether the reception site has any restrictions on the number of musicians and pieces of equipment you may bring in, and whether there are any electrical power supply or noise limitations. For example, a registered landmark reception site may not allow you to use large speakers. Ask these questions before you start scouting bands.


Band? or...

There's nothing like a live wedding band to get a crowd stoked and create a sense of sophistication. Music groups can synergize with the tone of your wedding and almost any niche theme, offering everything from accordion to klezmer ditties. A good bandleader will play the master of ceremonies at your reception if you want him to interact with folks on the dance floor, pay attention to the "feel" of the room, and select music accordingly.


Pros: Live music is, well, live. You and your guests will experience the pleasure of a performance. Anything can happen to raise the excitement level, from an infectious horn-section interlude to a moving solo.

Cons: Bands can be more expensive than DJs. Also, no matter how great the band, they can't have the repertoire of a standard DJ, who can keep a huge variety of music on hand.


Don't fear the DJ: The days of disco fever and flashing lights are gone. Today's disc jockeys are artists in their own right, offering balanced and eclectic mixes of musical styles for all ages. Plus, the songs played will sound exactly as you remember them, encouraging sing-alongs and improvisation. And, depending on the amount of equipment a DJ brings, she'll take up less dance floor real estate and can be relocated with relative ease.


Pros: If there are a dozen songs you're dying to hear at your wedding, it likely won't be a problem for your DJ to find each track. Also, DJs are generally less expensive than bands. A DJ with a charismatic stage presence and excellent emcee skills can really set the mood and keep the party going.

Cons: On the opposite end of the spectrum, a DJ with a less-than stellar personality can be a party-killer. Also, improvisation is tough if, say, your dad is dragging behind tempo on the father-daughter dance or your nieces and nephews decide to crash the chicken dance.

Find more live band and entertainment deals here.


Simple Checklist:

9 Months before

Hire a Wedding Planner

Book your venue

Confirm pre-wedding photo shoot

Design and print wedding invitation cards

Appoint traditional tai kam cheh or mak andam (click in for contact details)

Custom made your wedding gown & evening gown (shop now)

6 Months before

Book your photographer and videographer

Book your live band or entertainment

Food tasting and confirm caterer

Confirm your wedding theme and decoration / florists

Choose your wedding ring and engagement rings

4 Months before

Confirm guests lists and send out invitations

Start planning your honeymoon

Buy shoes and accessories

Shop for wedding gifts and favours

2 Months before

Final fitting of your gown and headpiece

Do trial make-up and hairstyling sessions

Shop of stationeries like guest book, ring pilliow, flower basket. Shop more.

2 Weeks before

Confirm RSVP and review seating arrangements

Arrange for manicure and pedicure

Take a break at the spa

Confirm all honeymoon reservations and accommodations

Arrange payments and balance payments to be made

Arrange someone to bring accessories to the ceremony