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Was planning my wedding when I found this page. Had a consultation with them and the planners were very friendly and helpful. Made sure that I got what I wanted for my wedding day.

Added: 29.01.2018


Bought some flowers from this website for my wedding. They arrived very fresh and so beautiful. Absolutely loved it!

Added: 02.01.2018

Rui Fang

Bought my wedding dress on this website. It arrived very quickly and was good quality too. 

Added: 18.12.2017

Vickie Wong

Really love this website. It's so pretty and it has everything you need for your wedding. If you want to go traditional, also got. If not, Western, also they have. Me and my hubby wanted to mix both and we could easily buy everything here. Don't need to go out and look for it.

Added: 15.12.2017

Wendy Ho

Really grateful towards Wedding.com.my for helping me choose the perfect dress. I went over to their showroom and they had so many options to make sure that I can find the perfect one to suit me. They even had a designer to come help me that day.

Added: 05.12.2017

Polly Ng

My daughter found this website and got their wedding planner to help us plan the wedding. Even when we disagreed the planner still managed to find something that made both of us happy. Very good job.

Added: 23.11.2017

Polly Ng

My daughter found this website and got their wedding planner to help us plan the wedding. Even when we disagreed the planner still managed to find something that made both of us happy. Very good job.

Added: 23.11.2017

Aisyah Sulaiman

Got their planner to help us plan our wedding. Very well done and very professional.

Added: 21.11.2017

Ho Kee Ming

Bought some flowers from this website for my girl. She loved them. Price was very reasonable and easy to order also.

Added: 20.11.2017

Sarah Wong

Bought some flowers from this website. The flowers were so beautiful and really fresh!

Added: 10.11.2017

Suraya Hanisah

The planner is very helpful but I realise a lot of their good vendors cannot be found on the website and have to liase with the planners for it. Wish they would update their website to include those too.

Added: 06.11.2017

Hui San

Really helpful wedding planner and their packages are not bad too.

Added: 02.11.2017

Hanishah Sulaiman

Thank you wedding bantu dengan planning. Majlis kami memang sangat cantik dan perfect. Thank you betul-betul. 

Added: 18.10.2017

Tracy Yong

Really satisfied with the service I got when I went to visit the shop. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. 

Added: 16.10.2017

Edmund Hong

Thank you wedding help me and my girl out a lot! It made planning the wedding so much easier and the packages are quite good also compared to some other places that we checked. 

Added: 09.10.2017

Sophia Tan

Made an appointment with their planner and she was so friendly and helpful. Really made planning for my wedding a little bit easier.

Added: 06.10.2017


I beli pakej pelamin dari sini. Quite murah dan servis memang bagus.

Added: 05.10.2017

Minnie and Rex

Thanks for helping us planning our wedding! Make it so much less hassle and less stress ^^

Added: 03.10.2017

YC Low

Wedding.com.my has been great in supporting us in making our wedding invitation on a short notice.  

They were responsive and gave me the comfort that they will be able to deliver on their promises.  

Thank you.

Added: 26.09.2017


Met with Penny today. She was very cheerful and willing to help. I was really impressed by how prepared she was for all the questions she had.

Added: 14.09.2017

Natasha Low

I bought some things from here to help my brother. We were very impressed with the quality of the things. It wasn't very expensive too!

Added: 14.09.2017

Sharina Hussein

Suka website ni. Sangat classy dan produk pun tak berapa mahal.

Added: 12.09.2017

Nur Syarifah

Beli baju pelamin saya kat sini. Sangat cantik dan kualiti best juga. Thank you!

Added: 08.09.2017


My fiance popped the question yesterday! Found this page by accident and got soooo many ideas for the wedding!

Added: 06.09.2017

Lydia Low

Bought some flowers for a friend here and they were gorgeous! The price was pretty good too!

Added: 04.09.2017


Sangat thank you planner mereka. Sangat helpful dan efisyen. Nikah saya memang cantik sangat!

Added: 31.08.2017


Customer service is really good. I had some issues with my dress and when I informed them, they immediately fixed it for me! So professional and efficient.

Added: 30.08.2017

Rui Fang

I met with the wedding planners and they were really so friendly. You didn't feel like they were just pushing to sell you things. Really great.

Added: 28.08.2017

Gwannie Fong

Penny was so helpful. During the consultation she was so patient and friendly. Then so willing to help me choose the best packages.

Added: 25.08.2017

Maria Jamal

I jumpe the wedding planner, mereka sgt peramah melayan I masa I dtg ke show room. Diorg tahu to suggest a good package atau mana satu dress yg sesuai dgn tema wedding I.

Added: 23.08.2017

Winnie Tam

Really like this website! The design is so classy but then the prices are cheap! Makes me feel better about buying my dress and other things from here.

Added: 21.08.2017


Thanks planner tolong dengan wedding aku! Memang perfect.

Added: 18.08.2017

Tang Hui Ting

This website has so many pretty things. So fun to just visit and buy the cheap dresses once in a while.

Added: 16.08.2017

Holly Thomas

Was a bit apprehensive because I wasn't sure if they were familiar with Indian weddings but I was so surprised! My wedding was perfect thanks to the planners. Love you guys!

Added: 14.08.2017

Sara Alya

Sgt suka website ni. Senang guna dan murah jg.

Added: 10.08.2017

Ho Yee Ming

Love the planners on this website. They were super helpful and helped me plan the perfect wedding! <3

Added: 08.08.2017

Hui Chee

The photobooth was so pretty and cheap! They help me set up and print some more! Really good service!

Added: 07.08.2017


Feel so grateful for the planners. Really made everything less hassle so less stress for me and hubby.

Added: 04.08.2017

Yvonne Ho

Had such a lovely wedding thanks to this website. Saved some big bucks too!

Added: 03.08.2017


Thanks wedding. Helping us with our wedding. It was truly the best day of my life. 

Added: 01.08.2017

Melody Wong

Thank you wedding! Very helpful! ^^

Added: 28.07.2017

Siti Nuralina

Nak cakap thank you to planner wedding. Sangat helpful dan attitude pun bagus.

Added: 26.07.2017


Very grateful for this website. Attended their seminar about wedding planning and me and my future hubby really learnt a lot! Staff was super helpful and friendly too.

Added: 24.07.2017


Bought some couple shirts here. Super cute designs. Now I can match with my darling. ^^

Added: 21.07.2017

Loh Wee Ting

Really like this website. So many good offers.

Added: 19.07.2017

Tracy Ng

Thanks wedding. Love the photobooth. My guests really enjoyed it too. Very good value.

Added: 17.07.2017

Fiona Wong

Really grateful for Penny to help us plan our wedding. She was so helpful and nice. 

Added: 14.07.2017


This website has so many dresses! Whatever type of dress I'm looking for, they have. And the price! Omg!

Added: 12.07.2017


Just signed up for the course with my fiance for the wedding planning course. So excited! And it's free too!

Added: 10.07.2017

Wendy Phang

I know it's been said a lot but really love their wedding planners! They were so helpful and sweet I really couldn't help but comment here about it!

Added: 07.07.2017

Andrea Fong

The photobooth is so cheap! And the backdrops look so pretty too. I went to the HQ to have a look and they've got me convinced. Definitely having it for my wedding!

Added: 06.07.2017

Vivianne Wong

The dresses are so cheap!!! Even cheaper than if I rent. OMG. And then they're so pretty. I bought one quality quite good some more. 100/100!! 

Added: 04.07.2017


Pakej kursus kahwin memang sangat murah! Tak payah susah cari. Kursus pun baik juga. 

Added: 30.06.2017


We had Penny as our planner, super helpful and such a bubbly personality! Really happy with the service. She was so patient even when we were having a hard time making our minds up.

Added: 28.06.2017


Sangat suka dress mereka. Cantik betul dan tidak mahal jugak. 

Added: 27.06.2017


Big thanks to the wedding planners for helping to make my daughter's wedding a huge success!

Added: 23.06.2017

Wen Di

Love wedding. So many pretty ideas here for my upcoming wedding!

Added: 22.06.2017


Thank you wedding. Your customer service is very good. When there was problems with my order, you helped very quickly. 

Added: 19.06.2017


Terima kasih Wedding tolong saya dengan perkahwinan saya! Planner mereka memang sangat friendly.

Added: 16.06.2017



Added: 15.06.2017


Love the dresses on this website!

Added: 13.06.2017


Terima kasih wedding menolong kami plan wedding kami! Sangat efisyen!

Added: 09.06.2017


Thank you wedding make buying ring so easy! My girlfriend really love it!

Added: 07.06.2017


Thank Wedding help me a lot! 

Added: 05.06.2017


Love the dresses on this website! Has given me a lot of ideas on what to do for my own wedding. <3

Added: 26.05.2017


Found out about Frou Frou from this website. Got a custom ring for our anniversary and she absolutely loved it!

Added: 23.05.2017

Polly Wong

Love this website! The wedding planners are so friendly~!

Added: 22.05.2017


Thanks so much for making our wedding so nice for cheap! Special thanks to the planners. Really know their stuff.

Added: 19.05.2017


Terima kasih Wedding bantu kami dengan wedding kami. Semua tetamu pun enjoy themselves!

Added: 17.05.2017


Thank you so much Wedding! Mwuacks!

Added: 16.05.2017

Arya Samudra

Terima kasih bantu kami dengan majlis nikah! Special thanks pada Rina sanggup bantu banyak. 

Added: 12.05.2017

Max Lim

Thank so much with helping me for my proposal! I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it myself. All the different package make it so easy.

Added: 10.05.2017

Madeline Tho

Thank you very much for helping us plan our wedding! Love love <3

Added: 08.05.2017

Xue Ying

Really thankful for Wedding because I don't need to go out or go search so many pages just to find the perfect packages for my wedding. So convenient!

Added: 03.05.2017


The dresses! I'm not getting married yet (unfortunately)! but it's so nice just to visit this website to get some ideas to plan my future wedding. *hint hint* future husband!!!!1

Added: 02.05.2017

Amalina Nasrun

Terima kasih banyak-banyak wedding! Terutamanya planner kami Ryna! <3 <3 <3 Love you!!

Added: 02.05.2017

Mei Ling


Added: 28.04.2017


Thanks for all your help! My wife was getting so stressed out but you really helped us out.

Added: 26.04.2017

Misha Belani

They really helped with organising my wedding. Kudos to the Malay planners! They really helped make our wedding special.

Added: 24.04.2017

Grace Wong

I just signed my ROM with my love and we're now planning our wedding! We got a photographer from here to help us take photos during our ROM and the photos were so pretty! I think we will probably use this website to plan our wedding too because it's so convenient and there's free consultation! Hehe.

Added: 21.04.2017

Veronica Yao

Thanks to this website, I had the wedding of my dreams without wanting to pull my hair out! Penny was so helpful and patient with me, and her bubbly personality really helped calm me down when I was getting frustrated. Thanks a lot! <3

Added: 20.04.2017

Hamster Oh

This website really saved me! I had completely forgotten about getting wedding favours until one of my friends pointed it out to me. Luckily there were so many types here for me to choose from! And they really came through with the delivery even though it was last minute. I really recommend the wedding favors here!

Added: 17.04.2017

Sue May

Not yet getting married (hopefully soon!), but just wanted to say that I really love the dresses on this website! They're so stylish and pretty. Price is really reasonable too! I love coming to this website just to shop for the dresses you have here.

Added: 14.04.2017

Muhamad Adnan

Thanks for helping with our wedding. Really nice deco and it made my wife very happy. If it wasn't for you guys, I don't know how we would have gotten through the whole wedding planning process without any fights. Thank you so much.

Added: 14.04.2017

Ceres Liew

Really thankful for helping us have the wedding that we dreamed of, with so little hassle. We're especially thankful to the planners for being so helpful, even through our indecisiveness. Thanks so much for your patience and positive attitudes!

Added: 12.04.2017

Hwee Zhen

So grateful for this website! It was really a lifesaver, especially for someone like me who has to work 6 days a week. I could get everything sorted out without any hassle, easily. Thanks for making wedding planning such a stress-free affair!

Added: 08.04.2017

Evelynne Ko


Added: 06.04.2017

Jasrin Ding

When me and my hubby were planning our wedding, this website was a lot of help. We didn't need to go through all the jam to get all the things we needed. Just have to search for the best and click! Also gave us a lot of ideas for the wedding. Love love <3

Added: 05.04.2017

Julia Shalukin

Thank you so much for making our wedding all we dreamed of and more! The packages offered here really helped cut down on wedding planning stress. My bridesmaids absolutely loved their dresses as well. Really couldn't have asked for more. 

Added: 03.04.2017

Diana Alyssa

Sangat grateful dengan planner kami, Nindia. Orang dia sangat baik dan dia sangat helpful. Dia pastikan kami dapatkan perkahwinan yang kami mahu dengan mengikuti bajet kami. Terima kasih banyak banyak!

Added: 02.04.2017

Marko Soh

Thank you so much for helping us! It definitely made wedding planning so much easier with your guidance Suki! My wife looked absolutely amazing in her dress and our honeymoon was so fun too! Definitely will recommend you guys to our friends.

Added: 31.03.2017

Sharifah Liyana

Terima kasih banyak-banyak! Banyak pilihan dan pakej untuk membantu kami semasa sedang merancang perkahwinan. Planner Aisyah juga sangat baik dan profesional. Suami saya juga sangat suka.

Added: 30.03.2017

Mark Tan

Thank you for the wide variety of rings to choose from! I was able to get the perfect engagement ring to propose and she said yes! Thank you so much for making my life so much easier and happier!

Added: 27.03.2017


Really got a lot of ideas from this website and the blog. Thank you so much for helping me get my dream wedding! The people were so helpful too. If you're ever looking for help with your wedding, this is definitely the place to get it.

Added: 26.03.2017


Thank you for your speedy reply and action. I've touched base with Penny. You guys r really awesome! I'm glad to have known about wedding.com.my as a one-stop solution in assisting us in every aspects. Once we've set the wedding date, I'll be in touch with Penny for more advises. Hoping for a memorable wedding day, that will bring much significance to my future hubs & I :)

Added: 28.01.2016


Good services!!! Definately a big "Like" to them. ^^

Added: 26.01.2016

Hui Ru

I was clueless on planning my best friend's wedding. Wedding.com.my is a great help in sourcing for awesome inspirations and offers one of the best wedding packages in terms of service and price!

Added: 18.10.2015

June Sarawak

Wow! Amazing fast reply.Really did not expect a quick respond. this gain a good first impression. ^^ Keep it up !!

Added: 11.10.2015


I'm finally settled my wedding, it is going smooth and everthing is well. ^^
the shoe and the veil that i bought from wedding.com.my made me be a pretty bride on the day. the effort from them to assist me to get my live band at last minute was very very appreciated.
i'm so happy to get in touch with their customer service/ wedding consultant. she is part of my 'behind the scene' through my preparation. I am so lucky to know Wedding.com.my. ^^

Added: 29.09.2015

Tracy Wong

I get my perfect and lovely wedding shoes from Wedding.com.my. so happy dealing with their customer service. ^^

Added: 23.09.2015


I have been using Wedding.com.my to source for my ROM photographer and MUA. ^^
Like the efficient prompt services provided. *Like*

Added: 22.09.2015


I bought 2 veils from Wedding.com.my. thanks for the express arrangement, so that i can get the veil within a week. and the veils are so suit to my gown. thanks a lot. :)

Added: 14.09.2015


I bought most of my wedding stuffs here. Very affordable prices and quality services. Good place to plan my wedding.

Added: 17.08.2015

Muhd Najib Adib

The Best Online Seller yang saya pernah berurusan!! 1000 likes akan saya bagi!!!
saya nak ucapkan terima kasih banyak2 kepada customer service yang bertanggungjawab dan usahanya untuk dapatkan parcel saya.
sebelum ni, saya beli suit dengan Wedding.com.my sebagai baju pengantin saya. then dalam masa yang singkat tu, saya perlukan pertukaran size. dengan masa yang rush ni, masalah tracking number, masalah pick up dari courier service, customer service ni yang assist saya sampai la saya dapat parcel saya. Terima Kasih banyak banyak. :)

Added: 01.08.2015


I am super happy to get my wedding shoe from Wedding.com.my!!! every said the shoe looks lovely!!! :) i am so exiceted to wear on my big day!!!
tq so much for the good service and keep up the good work!! :)

Added: 21.07.2015


I was looking for porposal videographer in Wedding.com.my, and get a good guidance from customer service. all the information a very clear, this make me feel confortable while dealing with them. will look for wedding.com.my again after my successful proposal!!

Added: 14.07.2015


I bought a bracelet from Wedding.com.my for my mom. it is very nice, and my mom love it. thanks Wedding.com.my. :)

Added: 08.07.2015

Hui Wen

Wedding.com.my was a huge help, which has a similar platform to Pinterest, but is Malaysia-based! I could not find any good wedding directories initially, so bless my best friend, who recommended me to the site!

Added: 03.06.2014